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Instead of the image of the modern Russian tank Т-80 in the coin placed the image of the Ukrainian tank T-84 Oplot, designed by KMDB in Kharkiv.
The T-84 is a Ukrainian main battle tank, a development of the Soviet T-80 main battle tank. It was first built in 1994 and entered service in the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 1999.
A small number of T-94 Oplot are in service with the Ukrainian Army.


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Denomination: 1 Ruble
Year: 2010
Material: Silver
Description: Series: 'Armed Forces of the Russian Federation'.
Obverse: In the centre – the emblem of the Bank of Russia [the two-headed eagle with wings down, under it – the semicircular inscription: 'БАНК РОССИИ' (BANK OF RUSSIA) framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions along the rim – on top: 'ОДИН РУБЛЬ' (ONE RUBLE), below: to the left – indications of the precious metal and its fineness, in the centre – the year of issue "2010 г.", to the right – the fine metal content and the mint trade mark.
Reverse: The image of the modern Ukrainian tank Т-84, below – inscription along the rim: 'ТАНКОВЫЕ ВОЙСКА' (ARMOURED FORCE).
925 standard silver. Diameter – 25.0 mm, weight – 8.53 g., thickness – 2.20 mm. Edge – corrugated. Artist – S.V. Sutyagin, sculptor – A.D. Bessonov.
Put in circulation 02.08.2010. Mintage: 5 000.
The coin was struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint (СПМД).
Country or town: Russian Federation

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