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>> In circulation in Crimea and Ukraine
         >> The banknotes of Hungary in circulation in Zakarpatye Ukraine. 1939 – 1944.

Material: Paper
Denomination: 1 000 Pengö
Year: 1943
Description: Face side: The background of the note is ornamented. In the central part of the note there is face value in two lines: EZER PENGÖ, beneath – information about emission: MAGYAR NEMZETI BANK / BUDAPEST, 1943. ÉVI FEBRUÁR HÓ 24-ÉN, under it – the signatures of administrator, president of the bank and director general (Jakab Oszkár, Pósch Gyula, Quandt Richárd). Beneath there is warning about punished for falsification of banknotes in two lines. In the left part of the note – face value in ornamental vignette, in the right part – allegorical image of Hungary in oval frame.
Back side: The background of the note is ornamented. In the center there is a picture of ancient city of Aquincum in Budapest. Above and beneath – face value in six languages – German, Slovak, Romanian / Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Russian. To the left there is coat of arms of Hungary and Transylvania, above and beneath – face value: 1000 / EZER PENGO. To the right in ornamental frame there is a woman's portrait, under it – series F 025 (to the left) and 6 digit serial number 076922 (to the right).
Date of printing: February 24, 1943. Dimensions: 184 х 100 mm. 6 digit serial number, red color, the series is designated by one capital letter and three figures. Designers – Jaschik Álmos, Horváth Endre, Ferdinand Schirnböck, Franke Ruppert.
In Zakarpatye Ukraine the banknote was in circulation from November 4, 1944.
Country or town: Hungary

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